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ARBORCOAT® Premium Exterior Stain

ARBORCOAT Premium Exterior Stains offer a variety of opacities in an array of captivating colors that let you express your own unique style. These finishes are designed to enhance the appearance of your deck, siding, or outdoor wood furniture with outstanding color retention. All ARBORCOAT finishes are easy to apply and offer superior protection while enriching the texture and grain of exterior wood surfaces.







Cabot StainSince inventing the very first wood-preserving shingle stain in 1877, Cabot has been the leading innovator and manufacturer of premium paints, stains and finishes. Today, you can find 127 years of heritage, pride and commitment in every can of Cabot.

Cabot has developed a comprehensive family of wood care products formulated for virtually every application, from start to finish. Choose from the industry's broadest selection of interior and exterior products ranging from deep-penetrating translucent finishes to beautiful, durable trim and siding paint.

At Hadlock’s, we carry the full line of Cabot Stain products for preserving your wood projects.


Cabot Stain


SuperdeckSuperdeck Exterior Stains are proven brand leaders in the exterior wood care market. The flagship Superdeck product is Superdeck Transparent Stain which features a unique three-oil system.

Superdeck Exterior Transparent Stain for Pressure Treated Wood offers 7 natural wood tones that highlight the wood grain pattern and texture, giving a translucent and lustrous sheen. The special formulation of Superdeck Pressure Treated Stain converts the green of pressure treated wood into a natural and beautiful wood tone.

NO OTHER exterior wood stain offers the sheen and maximum protection of Superdeck. Superdeck’s three oil finish contains linseed and Tung oils that offer superior durability that enhances the natural beauty of real wood, while protecting against harsh elements that can fade and damage exposed wood.


Old MastersOld Masters' products rank within the best available in the industry. Whether your project involves removing existing coatings and enhancing the wood underneath, or preserving, protecting and enriching new wood, there is a premium product that will suit your needs with a large array of colors and finishes to choose from.

Old MastersOld Masters’ products come in 15 premixed colors and can also be custom matched to a color of your selection by Hadlock’s expert color matchers. Visit Hadlocks stain department to see the entire line of Old Masters products, whether you are looking for a wood stain, clear finish, stain remover or wood care product, Hadlock’s has the Old Masters product you are looking for.

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ChemcraftSince its inception in 1977, Chemcraft International Inc. has grown substantially to become a leader in wood coating technology. Our Wood Coatings Group are headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and Port Hope, Ontario with active plants and warehouses across USA and Canada. Chemcraft has a comprehensive North American distributor network. Distributors are chosen for professionalism and their ability to provide technical support and convenient local distribution. 

Extensive research and development combined with the ability to deliver user-friendly, high quality, compliant materials has enabled Chemcraft International to become a leader in local areas and a unique force in the global marketplace. 

In order to remain competitive and maintain our status as an industry leader, Chemcraft has placed a high priority on maintaining the ability to change. 

  • Change to understand new customers’ requirements.
  • Change to have a greater respect of employee health and safety.
  • Change to allow Chemcraft to be a leader in the customer/supplier partnerships.
  • Change to create a greater understanding of corporate responsible care.

This dedication to continuous improvement has made possible the development of several unique technologies, products and services. Hadlock’s understands Chemcraft’s dedication to producing the best woodcoatings in North America, and this is why we recommend quality Chemcraft products to our customers.

Hadlock carries a full assortment of Chemcraft.


ZarZarZAR® Wood Stain wipes on like furniture polish to add rich, uniform color to wood. ZAR®'s controlled penetration brings out the natural beauty of a variety of wood surfaces without streaks or lap marks.

ZAR® Wood Stain is perfect for cabinets, paneling, antiques, wood trim and unfinished furniture. ZAR® can be applied over painted and previously varnished surfaces for a beautiful wood grain effect and ZAR® Wood Stain is recommended by leading manufacturers of fiberglass, steel and Masonite® doors.

Stains and seals with "Controlled Penetration"

Wipes on to produce a uniform color

Leaves no lap marks or streaks

Can be applied to metal or previously painted or varnished surfaces to achieve a wood grain effect

The ideal stain for fiberglass, steel or Masonite® doors

Coverage - up to 400 square feet per pint


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